Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Om Puri Caught Between Two Lives, Two Wives

Image courtesy: BCCL (Seema Kapoor in the inset)
Om Puri is in the midst of yet another family dispute. This time, it involves not just one but both his wives, his ex wife Seema Kapoor and his current wife Nandita Puri. Also, the cops have finally been called in to solve the ‘family’ feud.

On Friday morning, an unsuspecting Om Puri was subjected to his wife Nandita Puri’s ire. That’s after Nandita found her husband Om at his ex-wife Seema Kapoor’s Oshiwara residence. Nandita landed there with two of her friends Rita and Mona and hurled abuses at her husband and Seema alike.

Seema, needless to say, did not take the hurled abuses too well. She, in turn, filed a complaint with the Oshiwara police station against Nandita. Not to be left behind, Nandita, too has retorted back with a complaint against Seema Kapoor.

Our source informed, "Om Puri has had a troubled marriage for a while now. He was very upset with Nandita for writing about his personal life in her book. Since then, he has been rather close to his ex-wife Seema Kapoor.

In fact, there have been rumours of him wanting to settle down with Seema. Om Puri had earlier said that he wanted to divorce his wife Nandita. However, he later decided he wanted the marriage for their 13-year-old son Ishaan."

"On Thursday night, Om Puri had been visiting his ex-wife Seema. Not wanting to get back to his obviously unhappy marriage, the actor stayed the night at Seema’s Oshiwara residence. On Friday morning, his wife landed up at Seema’s residence with two women in tow. Nandita was immediately stopped by the watchman. That’s when the mayhem broke out. Nandita hurled abuses at Seema. After that, Seema filed a complaint against Nandita," added the source.

When contacted, Seema Kapoor confirmed the same and added, "Yes, I have filed a complaint. I only know how to fight in a civilised manner. I can’t fight the way she does."

Nandita, on the other hand, told us, "I have also filed a NC against Seema. My husband was at her house for the entire night. My son was crying the whole night. He was missing his father. When I went to Seema’s building, I was stopped at the gate. In fact, one of her friends tried to record all that was happening."

"I knew what my husband was up to when he did not come home the entire night," she continued, adding, "I was even threatened by some guy who said he was from the media. his name was Valecha and he threatened to hit me and break my legs."

"These are all arm twisting tactics. One should not forget that I am still his wife. And Seema is the other woman my husband was married to for just eight months. And that too 20 years back. I have every right to know where my husband is and get my husband from anywhere. He has lost all his bearings to spend an entire night with another woman," concluded Nandita.

When contacted, senior inspector R Roopawate of Oshiwara police station said, "It was a domestic dispute between Om Puri’s family members. We have taken a non-cognisable complaint and are investigating the matter."

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