Friday, July 1, 2011

China blocks Google+, Communism hates Social Networking!

Beijing, Jun 30: No hope for Google+ also! The Chinese Communist government has reportedly blocked the Google+, recently announced social networking site from the search giant Google.

According to media and blog reports, China blocked the Google+ after few hours of it launch. Industry analysts said that the axe on Google+ came amidst the fear of any social uprisings against the ruling Communist government.

Google revealed their social networking site Google+ with more features than the rival Facebook. It was Google's third dive to social networking ocean after the failure of Google Buzz and Orkut. With the new Google+ project, the California-based company aims to beat the Facebook, which dominates the social networking market with nearly 700 million active users. Read Google+ review.

Even though Google has not yet rolled out the Google+ for public, it allowed selected group to experience the features. According to media reports, Chinese users who received Google+ invitation were not able to login. Some of them added that they were able to login, but it was too slow.

Google+ was not the first social networking platform blocked in China. Communist government had blocked Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Foursquare, arguing that it will lead the people out of its Communist set-up.

Another reason for China's ban is the recent democratic protest in the Arab and African nations. In Egypt and Tunia, protesters used Facebook and Twitter to organize protest against the tyranny leadership. Chinese leaders are also fearing a similar protest in the country as it faced similar protest in recent days.

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