Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Palm readings: Find out about your married life

The area below the little finger on your palm is the called the 'budh parvat' and the lines below the little finger are known as marriage lines. Too many lines on budh parvat does not indicate the number of times one would marry.
The marriage line is the clearest line while the rest of the lines indicate the number of affairs that person will have in the lifetime.
The study of marriage line along with the head line and the surya line can tell you how your married life will be.
If you have regular conflict with your partner and you want to know if this would continue even after the marriage then look at you surya rekha and your head line. If the surya rekha, originating from the head line, is broken at places then you will have to put extra effort to understand and trust your life partner or else there are high chances of someone's interference troubling your married life. 
 Apart from this, if a thin line from the 'surya parvat' cuts the heart line, the head line and the life line then it indicates that your life partner will prove to be a hurdle in your progress in life.
These lines can also tell you if your life partner will stay with you throughout or will he/she desert you. 

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